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Located at the intersection of the main commercial artery of Terrebonne, des Seigneurs Boulevard and Saint-Sacrement Street, in the heart of downtown, in front of St-Sacrement Park, recently renovated. Ideal for a property developer, zoning allows several options.

Land very well located in a coveted area, this intersection is currently undergoing revitalization. The usage grid allows a residential, accommodation vocation under certain conditions and for full commercial use.

The neighboring land is being redeveloped and will make way for a brand new complex of commercial and office spaces, an investment by the Magma Group valued at approximately $ 8.5 million.

The market rental rate for new commercial and office space in the Terrebonne region, which is between $ 16.00 and $ 22.00 / ft² net.

For Example; taking into account an assumed gross leasable area of 18,000 square feet over 3 floors. The first floor is intended for commercial use (6,000 ft²) and the last 2 floors as office space (12,000 ft²).

The rest of the land not occupied by the building's footprint (6,000 ft²) would be paved for parking and landscaped (10,383 ft²).
The developers' objective is to realize between 7% and 10% of interest on the investment, although depending on the market, it could reach 12%.

Close to Plaza des Seigneurs and high-caliber merchants such as SAQ Sélection, Jean-Coutu, National Bank and Caisse Desjardins.

* Accessible by highways 25 and 640.

Exclusions:  The Restaurant is excluded from the sale, it will close its doors 120 days following the lifting of the conditions of an accepted promise to purchase.

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