Land of more than 29 acres with access to two sandy beaches of Fawn Lake. Near Crown Lands

Fawn Lake is a family estate with beautiful woodland in the Laurentians,
With access to two pretty private beaches. The estate is surrounded by more than one hundred acres of virgin forest, which is much appreciated by nature lovers.
Located in the county of Argenteuil between Lachute and Saint-Jovite along the road 327 north to 30 minutes from Tremblant, This lake is a paradise with its woodland, two sandy beaches and clean waters. In fact, no motorized boats are allowed, which ensures a peaceful, healthy and safe swim. The estate is located 15 minutes from the Carling Golf Club.
Domaine du Lac Fawn was founded by the Farkas family with respect and love for nature in all its splendor.
Come discover a little piece of paradise hidden in the Laurentians!

Area Map